HOPE's BIODEGRADABLE material is now available!

Introducing a biodegradable material from the TOUCH series!

Decompose in 3 years

When disposing of general microfiber material products, it is said that if they are buried in the soil, they will slowly deteriorate and decompose over a long period of 50 years or more. However, this biodegradable material can be decomposed in a maximum of 3 years, reducing the environmental burden at the disposal stage. Please try eco-friendly lingerie that can contribute to sustainability while being beautiful!

Environmentally beneficial technology

Did you know that 170 tonnes of textile waste is generated annually from the underwear segment?

You can't pretend to look at this data. For this reason, we are always in the environment through social actions or products, such as the wonderful partnership with Selo Eurecliclo (recyclable packaging) in Brazil and the Costurando Sonhos (Sewing Dreams) project at our Maranguape factory. We are looking for a technology that is kind to people. And now, we at HOPE have taken on a new challenge ...

What's happening in the fashion world

The fashion world is the second largest contributor to pollution in the world's industries.。

38 kg of fiber waste is discarded annually per person。
170 tonnes of garbage are discarded annually from the Brazilian underwear segment.

Biodegradable fibers from the TOUCH series!

The new color of the TOUCH series uses biodegradable microfiber fibers!





What does that mean?

This means that if the product is properly disposed of in a sanitary landfill, the fabric will decompose in up to 3 years.

A quick comparison shows that common microfiber materials (the fabrics used in the Touch series) take about 50 years to deteriorate under the same conditions.

What does the biodegradable word mean?

Biodegradability means something that is destroyed by biological material. Destruction (decomposition) of the material occurs directly through ingestion by microorganisms in a particular environment.

Where does a particular environment mean?

It refers to a sanitary landfill. This decomposition occurs in sanitary landfills, which are oxygen-free environments.

Did you know that?

Eighty-five percent of waste textiles are sanitary landfills (where the final decomposition of solid waste generated by human activities takes place. Those who dispose of it are household waste, commercial waste, industrial waste, and sewerage. Includes solid waste removed from).

In other words, does the product fail within 3 years?

No! The decomposition process only occurs after the fabric has been properly disposed of and landfilled. Product quality is not affected by biodegradable microfibers. The advantage of this fiber's DNA is that it "collapses" only in sanitary landfills.

How much garbage should I throw away the product?

Please dispose of it as general waste, that is, organic waste. This type of garbage goes to sanitary landfills.

Which part of the product is biodegradable?

About 80% of the products in the TOUCH series are biodegradable. In other words, only the fabric is biodegradable and the parts are not yet.

What are shorts parts?
Rubber and sewing thread

What are bra parts?

 Rubber, sewing thread, pads, hooks, adjusters, metal charms, etc.

Metal charms and plastic parts can be recycled separately, and pads and rubber can be reused.

Biodegradable material

What are the features other than sustainable materials that decompose in up to 3 years?
・ Comfortable to wear
・ Highly breathable and quick-drying
・ Simple and easy washing method
・ Recyclable
-Durability equivalent to general microfiber material

* Currently, it is used only in some colors of the TOUCH series.

Our goal at HOPE is to make all TOUCH series products (all colors) biodegradable by 2021!

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