About HOPE's absorbent sanitary shorts FLOW

HOPEの吸収型サニタリーショーツ FLOW

Evolution of sanitary shorts

Until now, sanitary shorts have been in little demand.
There are days when it is enough to use a napkin with large shorts, so it seems that many women spend their time in ordinary shorts without buying sanitary shorts even during menstruation.

However, the absorbent sanitary shorts released by HOPE this time can be used without using a napkin!
You can relieve the stress of napkins during menstruation! So, it became a hot topic in my home country Brazil, and I got a lot of support from women who do not usually use sanitary shorts.

In addition, not using napkins leads to resource reduction and eco-friendliness, and water-absorbent sanitary shorts can be said to be next-generation sanitary shorts.

Why don't you start water-absorbing sanitary shorts to protect the environment and have a more comfortable life?

More freedom on a blue day with FLOW!

FLOW series shorts are absorbent shorts that do not require a napkin.
Since the underwear itself has a structure that absorbs moisture, it is not only free from the stuffiness and stuffiness of the napkin, but it can also be washed and used repeatedly, making it a great item for both the environment and the economy!
The waist elastic that is gentle on the skin and the wide side make it anxious.

The top part of the crotch that touches the skin is made of 100% cotton, then a biodegradable (biodegradable) antibacterial material with excellent water absorption is used, and finally a waterproof material is used. Prevents blood leakage.

It also absorbs sweat and vaginal discharge, so it can be used on days other than menstruation.
If you are a beginner, it is safe to use it with a napkin or tampon at first, or at the beginning or end of your period.

Menstruation ≠ Negative day


Absorbent shorts FLOW that can be washed repeatedly make your menstrual habits more free!

Crotch part of 3-layer structure

1st layer
(Part that touches the skin) 100% natural cotton

2nd layer
Biodegradable with excellent water absorption (biodegradable)

3rd layer
Waterproof material

In addition to menstrual blood, it absorbs water such as sweat, a small amount of urine leakage, and vaginal discharge.
The crotch is thinner than a napkin, so you can spend a blue day comfortably!

Although there are individual differences, it can be used continuously for 8 to 12 hours.
Prepare another pair of shorts at first, use it on days when your menstrual flow is relatively low, use it with a napkin or tampon, and gradually get used to it.

FLOW absorbs only moisture. Menstruation can come out in chunks, right? In such a case, you can wipe it off with a tissue.

If you want to change your shorts on the go, put them in a plastic bag and wash them as usual after you get home.

Made of Biodegradable material,FLOW returns in 3 years, whereas regular microfiber products take 50 years to return to the soil. Sustainable material with little impact on the environment. (It does not mean that it will be ruined in 3 years, but that it will be returned 3 years after it is properly treated as garbage.)

In addition, it can withstand about 50 washes (2 years on average), and after that, the water absorption effect gradually decreases, so it can be used as normal shorts.


1 FLOW shorts = 480 napkins *
Garbage 3.3kg = Savings and consideration for the environment

* Normally, women use 240 napkins a year on average.

HOPE Absorbent Sanitary Shorts

Washing method

・ Pre-wash with lukewarm water or water within 12 hours after use.
・ Please wash by hand or use a laundry net with water of 30 degrees or less.
・ Do not use fabric softener as it reduces water absorption.
・ Do not use a dryer or iron
・ Please dry in the sun (it dries slower than normal shorts because it is layered to prevent leakage)

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