Brazilian inner fashion brand HOPE lingerie has been active as a lingerie brand for 50 years.

Since the 1980s, we have promised peace of mind and trust by producing all the parts that make up the product in-house, and have gained tremendous support from South American women of all ages. The inner of HOPE lingerie has both functionality and fashion, and is characterized by abundant color variations and comfort that is particular about the material. The sophisticated design attracts women not only in South America but all over the world.

Lingerie that you wear every day in every aspect of your life.
Please pick up "HOPE Lingerie" and experience the beauty and self-confidence of South American women!



Established in 1966 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
For the first time as a lingerie brand, we use materials such as microfiber and mercerized cotton.

It became widely known for the hits of the NUDE series, which does not easily resonate with outerwear, and the SPACE BRA shape memory pad.
Growing into an innovative brand that is attracting worldwide attention in terms of comfort, durability, and price, and constantly seeking new technologies and materials.

1999 We have one of the largest factories in the Brazilian lingerie sector, which is also a highly efficient and high quality model in State of Ceara.
Using 100% Brazilian technology, 5,000 stores are opened in Brazil and exported to 18 countries overseas.