This point redemption program (old points) will end soon. The schedule will be as follows until the end。

● Suspension of point award: July 31, 2021
● Suspension of point use: December 31, 2021

There are several types of points from ¥ 100 to ¥ 10,000, so you will have to use them yourself. Points will be invalid after December 31, 2021, so please use them as soon as possible.



HOPE CLUB, a new point program that has been upgraded to replace the old points, will start on August 1, 2021. Register for free and get 500 points! There are many other benefits, so please use them.
* Customers who already have a member account will be automatically given 500 points.

Click here>for HOPE CLUB

* Please note that old points cannot be transferred to HOPE CLUB.
* Until December 31, 2021, the old points and HOPE CLUB will be held in parallel.


Use old points

As soon as the points have been awarded, you will be required to use the points yourself.。

1) Issue a coupon

The types of coupons that can be issued with the accumulated points are as follows。

★ Issue a ¥100 coupon for 100 Points
★ Issue a ¥300 coupon for 300 Points
★ Issue a ¥500 coupon for 500 Points
★ Issue a ¥1,000 coupon for 1,000 Points
★ Issue a ¥2,000 coupon for 2,000 Points
★ Issue a ¥3,000 coupon for 3,000 Points
★ Issue a ¥5,000 coupon for 5,000 Points
★ Issue a ¥10,000 coupon for 10,000 Points

Please note before issue a coupon
Please be careful before issuing a coupon * When you issue a coupon, the discount will be applied automatically on the checkout screen. If you want to cancel your shopping (including logging out or leaving the page) or if you want to stop using this coupon , please make a note of the coupon code and enter it when you make your next purchase. You can continue to use it.
* You can use it while logged in as a member.

2) Use coupons

You can check points and issue coupons with the「Present mark」at the bottom of the page. Displayed during login.


* Points and issued coupons will expire on December 31, 2021.
* Please note that no change will be given when using the issued coupon for shopping.
* Please note that it may not be possible to combine it with other discounts or coupons.
* Coupons are issued by the customer, and once issued, coupons cannot be returned to points.
* Points and issued coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or other services.
* Points and issued coupons can only be used on this online shopping site.
* If the customer deletes the membership registration, the points and the issued coupon will be invalid. 


Old points will expire on December 31, 2021. 

Please use as soon as possible.